Smart living startup home-iX transforms into SMART.iX and expands the business scope across multiples industries for further growth

  • July 15, 2021
  • Media Release

The German startup home-iX is transforming into SMART.iX going forward. The startup has been building and offering a smart living solution that enables companies to participate in the smart home & IoT market through a "Smart Living as a Service" platform

Stuttgart, 15/07/2021 – Smart living startup home-iX today announced that it transforms into SMART.iX to underline their cutting-edge aplied AI & connectivity for a smarter lifestyle among all smart spaces. The new umbrella brand of the company captures the startups’s ambition to be a horizontal SmartTech & AI-Provider with an international footprint across all smart domain categories like smart city, smart energy, smart cars or smart autonomy. Since its inital pre-seed investment, the company achieved to become profitable by bootstrapping and won major industrial giants as cooperation partners. The startup has received several prices, named a Cool Vendor by Gartner and won, despite the Covid19 pandemic, the German Innovation Award for its AI technology.

"SMART.iX is the logical next step in scaling the startup, expanding the business scope and mission. Our world is becoming more connected and complex every day with powerful new technologies like IoT, AI or Blockchain. Simplicity, user-centricity and customer value are essential and that's why we form the smart glue to easily connect the smart world between all verticals. By our AI-based tech, users seamlessly connect with their environment and the smart city, smart services or smart infrastructure. It simplifies people's lives and serves as a smart platform in everyday life. Imagine not having to worry about recurring everyday situations, such as reserving a charging station, paying for a parking space or getting the best restaurants suggested," says CEO Mehmet Arziman.

At the beginning of the startup, the company was increasingly active in the smart home space as a neutral integration platform. The goal was to reduce complexity and enable interoperability in the smart home to offer seamless customer solutions for businesses. After mastering the smart home space, the startup began growing "Beyond Smart Home".

"Our potential is bigger than the smart home space and SMART.iX is an important step to take it to the next level. It is not only a rebranding, but rather a reflection that the business scope and vision of the company has expanded. We believe that future generations should have a smarter life, through technology that is simple, powerful and works for humanity. We want to transform our planet into a smart ecosystem and preserve it for future generations. SMART.iX stands for the convergence of people, things and nature into a smart ecosystem through AI and SmartTech", says CEO Mehmet Arziman.

SMART.iX is a technology leader in smart ecosystems. Their unique technology stack enable AI-based intelligent customer experiences.

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About SMART.iX:
AI for a Smarter Lifestyle: The German-based startup is a technology leader in Smart Ecosystems and enables AI-based intelligent customer experiences. The company offers Smart Technologies and “SmartLife AI-as-a-Service”-platform to enable companies to create winning smart X offerings regardless of technology interdependencies. SMART.iX seamlessly integrates, analyses and learns everything from smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart city, smart home up to smart services, letting any digital service work together in a context-sensitive, intelligent and predictive way to adapt to your smart lifestyle while creating a better, more intuitive user experience. In addition, SMART.iX’s Connectivity & AI-based service portfolio enables industry verticals to rapidly develop new end-user innovations to focus on value-added offerings and business models. With SMART.iX, industries can offer customized, interconnected and smarter solutions to their end-users and increase customer satisfaction.