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SmartTech for a SmartLife.

We are a Technology Leader in Smart Ecosystems.
We Enable AI-based Intelligent Customer Experiences.
Simply the Best Smart-X Platform to Change Your Life.

Personlized Apps

1 Single App/UI to Experience a Smart World. Visualize personalized smart experiences for your customers. Our Technology helps you to create & release new experiences that follow your required branding within no time.

Endless Integrations

Connect Everything with Anything by SmartApps. Integrate all Smart Devices, Apps & Services across industry boundaries and make them all work together. Break the Silos and Benefit by the existing Marketplace.

Intelligent Automations

Realize unique Artificial Intelligence by our "AI/ML as a Service" and create successful AI Products. Seamlessly analyse & learn from SmartEcosystems so that all service works together in an intelligent & proactive way

Our Technology

Applied AI & Limitless Connectivity for a Smart Lifestyle among smart, adaptive Spaces. The Smart Glue to link your Smart World and connect anything together in one place so you can take better care of your self, your family, your home or just be more productive.


Code-free, simple Deep Learning, Generative AI & Machine Learning by our Flexible Classifier and DeepGate platform. Effortlessly serve a multitude of use cases for AI/ML-based scenarios around smart lifestyle in a breeze.

Smart Ecosystems

Our "Universal Translator" gives you 1 API for 200+ integrations. Interconnect smart services & devices and serve any app. Save money and focus on your customer experience by Smart Adapters to transform people's lives.


Our Technology is 100% GDPR-compliant. Security, privacy & protection of your data are designed into the core of our solutions. We use highest security, latest SSL-Encryption & most secured servers located only in Europe.

Smart Personaliztation

Our unique iX-Account enables an anonymized shadow-account for seamless personalization. Users can connect any service by 3rd party credentials for a secure & reliable experience. The secret sauce you won't see, but will love.

Smart Data & Normalization

Anonymized, normalized data in a simple, standarized format through a consumable API among all the smart domains, that can be used for AI/ML or BigData analytics across your entire business lines without violating privacy.

White-Label Customization

Create and customize personalized, smart user interfaces. Our solutions help you design user experiences the way you want to follow the branding you desire. Preserve your valuable customer touch points to ensure brand loyalty.

How We Work.

Customer UseCases

We empower you to focus on your user-centric brand and product philosophy by our Customer Driven Development. Creation of customer-centric use-cases and usage scenarios for innovative smart x, smart living or IoT products and solutions.

Experiencable Products

We create value from the beginning by our evolutionary agile product increment approach. Transformation of use-cases into joint product development for rapid innovation by shippable product increments.

Agile Projects

We realize Use-Cases on our platform in agile projects with a clear focus on enabling scalable products. We enable you to make use of previous product increments by truly agile projects. We help you avoid waste and say goodbye to click-dummies

Scalable Solution

We transform Ideas & Use-Cases by agile projects into scalable, SaaS enabled solutions by leveraging our all-in-one technology. You become production-grade by ensured security tests, load checks and field tests to confidently gain a highly scalable solution.

App Screenshots

Our Featured Projects.

We've the priveledge to work with some of the largest and most innovative companies.
Our technology is used by businesses which are transforming the industry.


With the new SPLACE Business Apartments, Volkswagen Real Estate is realizing a new residential product that offers the privacy and feel-good character of a rental apartment and is also a comfortable temporary home. The focus of the partnership between SMART.iX & Volkswagen Real Estate includes an app-based solution for universal Smart Home control, a Digital Concierge Service and the integration of any Services. Details


Turkey’s first indigenously manufactured automobile will be offering a solution that will make life easier thanks to full integration with connected smart devices and services. This new technology platform, jointly developed by SMART.iX and TOGG, makes the car almost a special assistant, connecting it to all the smart devices connected to the internet and settling it into the center of smart life with its connectivity technologies. Details

Porsche Experience Foundry

The simulation area for the development of prototypes is unique in the automotive industry, and allows digital products and services related to vehicles to be tested, developed and optimised to meet specific customer requirements at an early stage of the process. Together with start-up and cooperation partner SMART.iX, their Smart Living technology was installed in to meet Porsche Digital’s specific requirements. Details

myAudi Smart Home

The cooperation between Audi and SMART.iX included the unique connection of the SMART.iX platform into the myAudi Beta Space to access and control smart home devices via the myAudi app. The solution also enabled the communication with the Audi universal charging cable via EEBus. A specific HMI app provided the in-vehicle control of the Smart Home and an highly customizable user interface by white labeling. Details

Who are we.

A German-based startup which is a technology leader in Smart Ecosystems and enables AI-based intelligent customer experiences. The company offers Smart Technologies and “SmartLife AI-as-a-Service”-platform to enable companies to create winning smart X offerings regardless of technology interdependencies. SMART.iX seamlessly integrates, analyses and learns everything from smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart city, smart home up to smart services, letting any digital service work together in a context-sensitive, intelligent and predictive way to adapt to your smart lifestyle while creating a better, more intuitive user experience. With SMART.iX, industries can offer customized, interconnected and smarter solutions to their end-users and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Vision.

To serve as the most useful SmartTech & AI provider of the 21st century and to bring novel innovations to market with our partners to protectively engage nature through smart solutions. We aim for a Connected Nature Ecosphere (Humans/Things/Nature) to accelerate user-centric, cutting-edge AI-based products to help humanity for the good.

Our Mission.

To enable future generations to have a smarter life, through technology that is simple, powerful and works for humanity. We want to transform our planet into a smart ecosystem and preserve it for future generations. SMART.iX mission stands for the convergence of humans, things and nature into a Smart Ecosystem through AI and SmartTech.

Our Pricing Plans.

Whether you are a startup or a big company, our pricing plans fit businesses of any sizes. We offer flexible plans with no surprises because we’re here to help you scale smartly.

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What Partners Say About Us.

  • While searching for a vendor independent platform for smart home, tenants and our services, SMART.iX has convinced us completely, so that we have entered a strategic cooperation. The innovative and flexible team is a guarantee for the highest level of quality, whereby the topics of privacy & security receive the highest priority.

    Michael Kittel
    Michael Kittel Volkswagen Immobilien.

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